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About Us

Founded in old-world artisan masonry, New 5 Star Concrete Corporation has been providing concrete and masonry services to Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC since 1993.  We are licensed commercial and residential contractors headquartered in Dulles Virginia.  Since its founding, the company quickly became known for its old fashioned hard work, customer satisfaction, quality, and the ability to meet schedules. Fueled by this reputation and his innate passion for construction and masonry, New 5 Star Concrete founder and owner Manuel P. Gomes has continued to grow and expand the company’s reach and capabilities to where we are now considered one of the premier concrete and masonry companies in the DMV.

Over the decades, we’ve expanded our capabilities to provide everything from residential driveways to airport runways — and everything in between.  Our business continues to thrive on returning clients and their referrals. We welcome you to our website and hope that you will call, email, or complete our Get A Quick Quote form for a free consultation and quote.

At New 5 Star Concrete we take great pride in each and every job we do.  The credibility of our clients is a tribute to the quality of our work: 

  • Airports (Dulles International and Ronald Reagan National)
  • Dominion Virginia Power Corporation
  • Reston Association
  • The White House
  • Quantico Marine Corps Base

We hope that you will allow us to provide a quote for your next concrete or masonry project.  You won’t be disappointed…we guarantee it.
(703) 996-8905

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