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Commercial Concrete Services

Since 1993, New Five Star Concrete Corporation has providing concrete and masonry service to businesses in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington DC. We are licensed commercial and residential contractors.

Our recently completed projects include The White House, internal Revenue Service building, Bethesda Theater, Veterans Annex Center, CIA headquarters in McLane, Stafford Park in Fairfax, Dominion Virginia power plants, USPS Merrifield, Waste Management facilities, the Reston Association communities, and North Norfolk Southern / Intermodal facility in Alexandria.

We also perform work as subcontractors of general contractors that engage and large projects throughout the DMV. These include the Virginia Paving Company, Maryland Contractors Inc., NVM Contractors Inc, Masterbuilt companies, WC Spratt Inc, American Exteriors, Luna WNNA Contracting Corporation, and Triangle Construction.

We are seasoned experts in the design and installation of driveways, parking lots, pool decks, floors, sidewalks, slabs, curb and gutters, foundations, storm drains, dumpster pads, tennis courts, walls, and bridge repairs.

Masonry and stonework is another specialty. We take pride in providing the most professional concrete, brick and stone work in the DC Metropolitan area.

We also provides snow plowing services for privately owned homeowner associations and commercial locations, shopping centers, office parks, and parking lots.

In short, Five Star Concrete Corporation has the experience, dependability, and commitment to satisfy your current and future concrete needs. We guarantee the quality of our work. Give us a call for a quick quote. You won’t be disappointed.



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